It's a massive week in the world of Fortnite, as not only has Chapter 5 officially begun, but we're also getting three new live-service games inside of the game itself - and the first one launches today in the form of LEGO Fortnite.

This is available for free right now on Xbox and other platforms, and it's basically a Minecraft-style game where you need to build to survive, although there's also a Sandbox mode where you can customise the experience to your liking.

There's no split-screen support for LEGO Fortnite at launch, although up to eight players can be part of an online game, so you can enjoy this one with friends - and they can even be given permission to use your world while you're offline.

Following the arrival of LEGO Fortnite, we'll also be getting Rocket Racing on December 8th, which is a "supersonic arcade racer" developed by the Rocket League developer Psyonix, and then the Fortnite Festival will finish things off on December 9th, serving as a Rock Band-style game created by the team over at Harmonix.

Look out for those two games later this week, and we'll drop more details about LEGO Fortnite below.

"You’ve fallen into a new world… in LEGO form? The nature around you seems familiar, but under the surface it’s made of LEGO bricks! Harvest LEGO resources to create your own builds, and create villages for you and your friends to live it up. The LEGO life takes courage — face enemies and the elements in your quest of construction. Food and swords will come in handy!"

Interested in trying out LEGO Fortnite on Xbox this week? How about the other games? Tell us down below.