There was a time in 2023 when we thought that nothing stood a chance at beating The Lord of the Rings: Gollum to the "Worst Game of 2023" award, but in recent weeks we've seen two possible new candidates crop up on Xbox.

The first of these was Skull Island: Rise of Kong back in October, and now we've got The Walking Dead: Destinies in November. The latter released just a few days ago, and although its Xbox rating isn't actually that bad (we'll talk about that in a minute), the game has been going viral for all the wrong reasons on social media and YouTube so far.

In general, there seems to be a consensus that the idea behind The Walking Dead: Destinies at least had a lot of potential, but ultimately it's been executed poorly. That said, the game actually has a 3/5 star rating on the Xbox Store right now, so it definitely still has its fans - we'll throw a positive and negative example down below.

Slyfox2001 on Xbox: "I am disappointed in this game not only from a TWD fan perspective, but as an avid gamer. Barely 2015 graphic tier, very mid-leaning to low tier combat, and BAD voice acting for about every character. I mean come on you could have gotten someone that at least somewhat sounds like the actual show. Second star for skill tree and choice-driven story, otherwise prepare to have your mind blown with disappointment."

Diondasher on Xbox: "If you are a big fan of TWD, this game will be enjoyable even if the graphics and gameplay is outdated. I have encountered some bugs, but nothing game breaking. The whole concept for this game is a great one and anything TWD can hold up as far as story and characters. But with the available tech of 2023, this game just feels like it came out 15 yrs too late."

There are no official reviews for The Walking Dead: Destinies from any outlets as of yet, but we're assuming it'll get some low scores when they arrive. That said, it'll take some beating to surpass Gollum and Rise of Kong as the "Worst Xbox Game of 2023", and we feel like Destinies may have just enough to avoid that moniker.

Have you played The Walking Dead: Destinies yet? What do you think of it? Tell us down below.