It's safe to say we were rather impressed by Teardown and its open-ended, destruction-laden sandbox when it launched on Xbox Series X|S last week - granting the game a 'Great' 8/10 in our full review. Well, as it turns out, the tech experts at Digital Foundry have been pretty impressed with the game's console conversion as well.

In DF's latest tech review, the team says that Teardown contains 'stunning physics and destruction' on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 - the game's latest launch platforms following a lengthy development period on PC. Here's a bit more on what Digital Foundry makes of this new console port:

"The port of Teardown to consoles is largely a success and the game still plays great here on a controller, looks great, and it also loads really quickly on all platforms - so you can get in and out of gameplay very quickly without much downtime."

Funnily enough though, the team actually recommends Series S or PS5 for now, as the game does appear to contain some Series X-specific performance issues at launch - although they didn't really impact our playtime for review. Hopefully these get sorted and patched soon for those experiencing any issues with Teardown on Series X!

Are you having fun with Teardown on Xbox? Let us know your thoughts on the console version down below.