PlayStation x Bungie

Earlier this week, Bungie confirmed it had to say goodbye to many colleagues after a report revealed the PlayStation-owned studio had axed 8% of its workforce (around 100 jobs). Bungie higher-ups had also revealed just weeks before to staff that the company was running at 45% below its revenue projections for the current year.

Now, in an update from the Destiny 2 development team on the official Bungie website, the studio has addressed this "difficult" week while mentioning how the team knows it has "lost" a lot of the community's trust.

Bungie's plan going forward is to rectify the situation by making the next expansion 'The Final Shape' an "unforgettable Destiny experience" that matches Destiny 2's best experiences - referencing Forsaken, The Witch Queen and The Taken King.

The next expansion currently has more than 650 dedicated teammates working on it, and in the weeks ahead Bungie plans to reveal what's on the "short-term horizon" - beginning with the new season in November. After this, it will start unpacking the "bigger, bolder and brighter vision" for The Final Shape.

The job cuts currently taking place within PlayStation are reportedly part of a "larger-money saving initiative" with a number of other Sony studios impacted. Even some key figures have departed including the boss Jim Ryan and PlayStation veteran Connie Booth. Sony originally acquired Bungie early last year.

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