The cloud-streaming retro paradise known as Antstream Arcade is continuing to go from strength to strength across all of its platforms including Xbox right now, with a bunch of new games and major features on the way.

We highlighted a lot of these features in our last roundup about Antstream, such as a much-improved user interface along with button remapping and "intuitive game filters", but now the team has finally shown a lot of these features off as part of the Antstream Arcade October Connect presentation which you can watch up above.

In terms of new games coming to Antstream Arcade, there's a lot to talk about! The presentation highlights a few of them - the Atari classic Pong is one of the new additions, as is the SNES game Super Turrican Score Attack. Another SNES game that was unreleased until 2023 is action-platformer Mr. Tuff, while other titles making their way to the service include Rival Turf!, BurglarX and the Point Blank-style Bang!.

Even with all of this in mind, Antstream often adds games that haven't been announced ahead of time as well - just recently, we've had the PS1 version of Worms, the Game Boy version of Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and much more.

If you're interested, we've gone and updated our massive list of every single game included with Antstream Arcade on Xbox, and you can grab it for a price of £29.99 / $29.99 for a year's access, or go for the lifetime access instead.

Have you tried Antstream on Xbox yet? Tell us what you think of it down in the comments below.