Telltale Announces Major Layoffs In The Wake Of The Expanse's Xbox Launch

The full Telltale: The Expanse series is out now on all platforms, and if this week's unfortunate news is anything to go by, the title doesn't seem to have performed very well for the newly-resurrected development team.

In an announcement posted to Twitter, Telltale Games has revealed that a recent round of layoffs has hit the team.

Here's their statement in full:

The studio points towards "current market conditions" as the reason for the layoffs, although it has revealed that any other ongoing projects "currently in development are still in production", so hopefully we still see more from Telltale's other projects in future.

For what it's worth, we really enjoyed the first episode of The Expanse series, but haven't yet delved into the full episodic affair due to how stacked the past couple of months have been for new releases. Hopefully the game continues to sell and helps Telltale out in the long run - we never want to see dev teams struggle like this.

Did you play The Expanse? If so, what did you think to it? Leave your thoughts on the title, and this unfortunate Telltale news, down below.