Spirittea is a cosy life sim that cites Stardew Valley and Spirited Away as influences, telling the tale of a writer who has escaped to the countryside searching for inspiration for their next book. It starts a new life on Xbox Series X and S on 13th November, available on Game Pass.

After accidentally sipping from an ancient and magical teapot, the line between the spirit and material world blurs for our protagonist. With a faithful cat companion as a spirit guide, embark on a journey of discovery by helping lost souls with unfinished business and make a few new friends along the way.

Players can also bathe these spirits in an old bathhouse because even spirits need a good scrubbing occasionally. The bathhouse can be upgraded with new furniture, rooms, and accoutrements like towels, salts, and snacks to cater to whatever kind of spirit you encounter.

What do you think of Spirittea? Does it look like your cup of tea? Settle in for a biscuit or three in the comments section below.

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