Xbox Game Pass PS Plus

Xbox Game Pass has been a massive game changer for Microsoft, Xbox's studios and its fans with "day one" releases.

PlayStation's senior vice president Eric Lempel was recently asked for his own thoughts on how Xbox Game Pass was able to release first-party titles "day one" on the service, and while he wasn't willing to go into detail, he did describe PS Plus as being "very different" from Game Pass.

It's not every day a PlayStation rep provides a comment that offers some insight into how the company feels about the competition's services. It's also quite an interesting response when considering how the new tiers of Sony's service were originally believed to be a direct response to Xbox's Game Pass service.

Lempel went on to state how the battle ultimately "comes down to what you're going to get in the service in terms of the type of game and the quality of games".

With PlayStation Plus, he feels Sony is offering a "great curated catalog of games" along with various other services such as online play, and thinks it's "resonated with consumers" - going on to mention how more players than expected adopted the upper two tiers of PS Plus.

Xbox has often stated in the past how it also strives to offer a curated catalog of games via Game Pass, with "day one" releases giving it the edge.

What are your thoughts about Xbox Game Pass compared to PlayStation Plus? Are day one releases the selling point on your end? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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