Monster Hunter
Image: Capcom

Capcom might be getting towards the tail end of its current fiscal year, but according to a Q&A on the company's Japanese website, it's still got a "major" unannounced title arriving before the end of March 2024.

There are no specific details about what exactly this game is and the only hint Capcom provides is that it will apparently allow the company to reach its end-of-year sales targets. Some speculation online so far suggests it could be a new Monster Hunter, Street Fighter or Resident Evil game.

Monster Hunter celebrates its 20th anniversary in March 2024, so there's the possibility it might have something to do with this series. Capcom has already teased some brand new artwork for this particular anniversary, which also included a new logo reveal:

In the same Q&A on Capcom's website, the game company mentioned how its large increase in digital license revenue in the latest period was mainly due to "licensing revenue from providing Exoprimal to Game Pass".

Be on the lookout for any significant updates regarding what this "major" unannounced title might be. And in the meantime, tell us what you would like to see from Capcom next.

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