The huge Final Horizon update for Sonic Frontiers arrived on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S late last night, and the big takeaway so far is that it's significantly more difficult than the main game.

Frontiers players have been taking to social media to express just how hard they're finding it, with mixed feedback as to whether it's a good thing or a bad thing - some love the challenge, and others think it's the result of poor development.

On the whole though, there's been quite a lot of positive feedback:

It definitely sounds like it's worth checking out if you're a Sonic Frontiers owner, especially considering this free update contains a new story, new playable characters, new challenges and much more. It's absolutely packed with stuff!

We'll throw more details about it down below, along with a few screenshots.

"The Final Horizon Content Update is Sonic Frontiers’ third free content update, and players can experience new story content, challenges and the ability to play as Amy, Knuckles and Tails.

The additional narrative takes place before the final battle on Ouranos Island, where Sage reconsiders an unlikely scenario amongst her millions of calculations. With the assistance of Sage and Dr. Eggman, Sonic sets this new plan into motion, and accepts the challenge of converting the Cyber Corruption into a vast, previously untapped power source. Meanwhile, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails seek to do their part and begin searching for the Chaos Emeralds on Sonic’s behalf to change their fate."

Have you played the Final Horizon update yet? What do you think of it? Tell us down in the comments.