Just ahead of spooky season, publisher Nacon is bringing a brand-new horror game to Xbox in the form of Ad Infinitum. This is a current-gen only title that's been in the works for some time, and we're getting big Amnesia vibes from the above trailer - which is always a good sign for a horror game in our book.

Of course, the title does look like it's putting its own spin on things with a more cinematic take on the genre, and we're intrigued to see how the game shapes up on Xbox Series X|S. Here's more on what to expect from the horrors of Ad Infinitum:

"Will the nightmare of the war ever end? Will you find inner peace one day? In Ad Infinitum, you play as a German soldier haunted by the horrors of the Great War. While your mind grapples with memories of your family home and the trenches on the front, you try to break the endless cycle of suffering.

The fallout of the war is felt far from the front. Peel back the shroud that hides the secrets of your family, torn apart by the Great War, and try to remember your past. Through exploration and by solving riddles and puzzles between the walls of your home and the barbed wire of No Man’s Land, you ultimately reveal a chapter in the story of a German family torn apart by war."

If this is sounding like something you'd be up for, we have a couple of bits of good news for you! First off, the game launches in just under a week's time on September 14th, and secondly, there's a 10% pre-order discount currently running on the Xbox Store ahead of release.

Are you tempted to test your nerve in Ad Infinitum next week? Let us know down below.

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