Crash Team Rumble Season 2 is now live following the game's launch earlier this summer, and a new four-player party mode is the headlining feature for the game's second season.

'Party Mode' lets players "take a breather from competitive matches" with its five distinct mini-game rounds that have more of a co-operative flair. You'll need to work as a team here to blast through all of the objectives, and the mode launches with five different variations; Speed Run, What's Cookin?, Get Lit, Dig It, and Balloon Bounce - the latter launches later during Season 2.

There's more to this new season of content as well. Two new maps are included in Season 2 — Waste Deep and Jazz Junction — and a certain Spyro baddy is arriving too! Yep, 'Ripto' is landing as a brand-new Crash Team Rumble hero this season.

The fun and games have already begun in Crash Team Rumble, although some Season 2 content will rollout later in the season. For the full details, check out the team's seasonal roadmap down below:

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Crash-Lands On Xbox With New Co-Op Mode 1

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