It's fair to say that developer Nightdive Studios knows a thing or two about bringing back a classic - the team just worked on Quake 2 Remastered with Bethesda alongside a host of other projects like the System Shock remake. Well, it appears that the team now has another old school FPS in its sights.

The company's CEO Stephen Kick recently commented on Twitter about a potential remaster of The Darkness; an Xbox 360 title originally created by developer Starbreeze. Kick didn't commit to anything concrete as such, but he did say that the title was "on the list" over at Nightdive Studios.

What "on the list" actually means remains to be seen. Is it in the pipeline over there? Is the game simply on their developer wishlist? We're not quite sure at the moment, but hopefully we get more of an update on a potential remaster of The Darkness in the coming months.

We're especially interested in such a project given how incredible their work was on Quake 2 Remastered. Bethesda's recent Quake 2 re-release is one of the finest remaster jobs we've ever seen - even going as far as including brand-new content in the 2023 version of the title.

Would you be into Nightdive working on 'The Darkness'? Let us know your memories of this Xbox 360 classic down below!

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