SEGA Remains 'Very Close' With Xbox, But Isn't Open To Acquisition Talks Right Now
Image: Xbox, SEGA

Back at the start of the week, it was revealed that Microsoft had once seriously been considering the acquisition of SEGA (back in 2021), and now SEGA's co-Chief Operating Officer, Shuji Utsumi, has responded to the news.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Utsumi simply told the outlet that the company wasn't currently open to acquisition talks:

"No, not now."

Despite this, Utsumi went on to share a lot of praise for Xbox, stating that SEGA is "very close" with Microsoft and has a great relationship with the management team. He then sung the praises of Xbox's Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond, describing them as people who are "really serious about values that video game fans emphasize".

The COO also reportedly mentioned that Microsoft values SEGA more than other platform operators.

As it turns out, we weren't actually supposed to know about Microsoft's interest in acquiring SEGA anyway, as the information in the document that revealed this information has now been redacted. Bit late for that now though!

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