To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Porsche (the car manufacturer), Xbox has revealed that it's teaming up with the famous brand to create six custom themed consoles. These systems aren't available to buy — instead being released via a competition — but they do hint at what a white Xbox Series X console would look like.

Now, of course, these designs have plenty of additional Porsche racing flair, but the main one revealed today (pictured down below), has a white base colour - which is to our knowledge the first we've seen of a white-ish Xbox Series X.

New Porsche-Themed Console Designs Feature White Xbox Series X Hardware

The other five console designs will be fully revealed at a later date (although you can catch a glimpse of them in the trailer up above), and in total there'll be 75 systems up for grabs via the aforementioned sweepstakes competition. You can enter to win on the Porsche Xbox Sweepstakes website, and if you're doing so then, good luck!

To be honest though, we're just hoping that this leads to Microsoft creating a white Xbox Series X sometime in the near future - and one that we can all buy! We know lots of folk like their white console hardware, and up to this point we've had to go for the Xbox Series S to get that sleek white look.

What do you think of these designs? Would you prefer if Microsoft just launched a white Xbox Series X instead? Let us know what you reckon down below!