We've got a date for the upcoming Robin Hood inspired co-op adventure, Gangs of Sherwood! The game will officially be arriving for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (along with PS5 and PC) on October 19th, 2023.

Nacon has released 17 minutes of raw gameplay footage from the title today, which showcases the characters of Robin and Tuck across two chapters - 'The Fall of Locksley' and 'Edwinstowe.' You can watch it up above.

The official blurb describes Gangs of Sherwood as a 1-4 player experience in which you'll "fight the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham and lead the rebellion", featuring four heroes with unique and fully customisable gameplay styles.

We'll throw more details down below, along with some screenshots.

"Gangs of Sherwood is a co-operative action-adventure game for 1 to 4 players with fast-paced gameplay and high replay value in a reimagined world based on the legend of Robin Hood. Exploiting the powers of the Philosopher's Stone, the Sheriff of Nottingham's armies have built up untold power and are oppressing the people of England more than ever.

In a unique science-fantasy version of the Robin Hood legend, the game features explosive combat, spectacular combos, and co-op gameplay for fans of epic battles and challenges in stunning environments."

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