Saints Row's First Major Content Update Lands On Xbox Next Week

[Update - May 3]: Developer Volition has revealed the official release date for Saints Row's first big content drop! The team's 'The Heist and The Hazardous' paid expansion arrives May 9th, alongside a new map district which is completely free. Read more about the 'Sunshine Springs' map expansion down below.

[Original Story - April 28]: It's safe to say that Saints Row got off to a shaky start when it arrived on Xbox last summer, but the team at Volition is still updating and adding to the game more than six months on from launch - and this upcoming content drop looks quite interesting.

As part of May's update for Saints Row, the team is expanding the open world map, and it's completely free for all Saints Row players. 'Sunshine Springs' will be added to the game next month, alongside a premium expansion.

Volition's teaser for the new district is available down below, and it's good to see them add a sizable chunk of extra play space to Saints Row at no extra cost. The free district will play host to new activities, stores and more, while it also serves as the setting for new story content if you do pick up the paid expansion pass.

Following the May update, two more major content drops are planned through July and August, with the latter bringing another free district for Saints Row players.

Are you gonna check out this Saints Row update? Let us know what you think to Sunshine Springs!