Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Is Reportedly Coming To Xbox After All

In the run up to Sony's big PlayStation Showcase this week, there have been lots of rumours about who and what might show up during the event. Konami has been at the top of those rumour lists following its recent Silent Hill announcements, although it looks like one of the company's other big properties won't be PlayStation exclusive after all.

As per Insider Gaming, the much-rumoured Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake will be coming to Xbox after all. According to the outlet's sources, Konami's upcoming remake will launch on Xbox Series X|S and Steam, as well as PlayStation 5.

Even though the game is supposedly multiplatform, the report does say that Konami will reveal the project at the PlayStation Showcase on May 24th. This week's reveal is expected to take the form of a 'teaser' reveal rather than a full gameplay blowout.

If this report is accurate, this could be a pretty big win for Xbox fans. With Konami's Silent Hill 2 remake being PlayStation exclusive β€” at least for the time being β€” we feared the worst for MGS, but it's looking increasingly likely that Metal Gear Solid 3 remake will make its way to Xbox consoles. Phew!

Are you happy about this? Let us know if you'd play MGS3 remake on Xbox!