It's a big day for Fall Guys on Xbox (and every other platform) today, as the Season 4 update is now available, introducing a particularly major feature in the form of "Fall Guys Creative", which is the name for the new level editor.

As of today, you can now start building your own levels to share with friends and the wider community in Fall Guys, accessible via a wrench icon at the top of the main menu screen. Once you've made your level, you can share it with a special "Share Code" that will be generated for you, and then play it with others in a Custom Lobby.

"Fall Guys Creative unlocks incredible new ways to experience the Blunderdome, whether you become a master builder or a key competitor in Creative Rounds limited only by your imagination!"

Mediatonic says that it will also be featuring player-made rounds in the Show Selector moving forward, although not for a few months. While we wait, the developer will be pushing out 50 Creative Rounds throughout the duration of Season 4 for players to enjoy, with 20 of them arriving immediately (in Solos).

"A whopping 50 Creative Rounds crafted by Mediatonic’s Blunderdome Construction Crew will be released throughout Season 4, to keep beans busy while new builders are getting used to the toolset. We’ll be kicking things off with 20 of these Rounds straightaway in Solos!"

As the season progresses, noteworthy Single Round Shows will appear in the Show Selector too. After a few weeks, more Mediatonic masterpieces will debut incrementally in the Blunderdome via the Creator Rounds Playlists in the Live Shows tab. All Fall Guys Creative made levels will beSolo Show Rounds only for now."

It's a massive change, then, and there are a few other differences in Season 4 to highlight as well, such as the arrival of a Fame Pass instead of the usual Season Pass which will reportedly "reward your playtime with more value". The big addition to the Fame Pass at launch is a Hello Kitty costume, which will unlock immediately when you buy it.

For more information on Fall Guys Season 4, you can check out the official Fall Guys website.

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