Xbox Acknowledges Tracking Issues With April's Microsoft Rewards

The Microsoft Rewards punch cards for April 2023 went live over the weekend, but we've already heard from multiple Pure Xbox members who are having trouble getting certain things to track. Fortunately, the Xbox team is aware of it.

The main issue right now seems to be with the April 2023 Monthly Bonus Round punch card, which is struggling to track the daily Bing searches as well as display the third task in the list.

Here's what Xbox's Daniel Martins had to say about this on Sunday:

This isn't the first time we've seen issues with Microsoft Rewards on Xbox recently, as the team also made late changes to March 2023's Monthly Bonus Round and other punch cards following tracking problems.

Hopefully the root causes can be identified in the near future, and perhaps we might even see some adjustments to April's punch card requirements later this month. We'll keep you up to date with any major new announcements.

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