The Witcher 3's 4.02 update arrived for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S back in March, promising improved visuals and performance, and Digital Foundry has confirmed that it's a big upgrade - at least for Xbox Series X.

The report only focuses on the Series X and PS5 versions, with the big benefit of this patch being an improvement to Performance Mode which now runs at a near-locked 60FPS compared to the often slower frame rate of update 4.01.

"Xbox Series X is where there's an even bigger uptick in performance gains. In every area it's an outright improvement: from battling to horseback riding, the new patch restores us to 60fps. But what's especially encouraging is that Novigrad city is also clearly improved in the same breath, unlike the PS5 version."

"It's worth saying that Series X started at a far worse point here, performance-wise, and so there was much more ground to cover. So again, the latest update puts The Witcher 3 in a better place than ever before."

The 30FPS ray tracing mode, meanwhile, is pretty much unchanged in terms of performance compared to the previous update, so there's not much to shout about there. Basically, it's a pretty consistent 30 frames per-second.

Digital Foundry's takeaway is that the Complete Edition of The Witcher 3 has "never performed better on Xbox", with the game described as being in "very good shape". In other words, now's a good time to get stuck in!

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