During yesterday's Nacon Connect livestream, the team at Daedalic Entertainment delivered a brand-new trailer for its upcoming LOTR adventure; The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. While we still don't have a firm release date for it beyond "2023", the game looks like it's starting to benefit from a few delays.

Sure, the concept of playing as Gollum still puzzles us a little bit, but we've warmed up to the project after seeing this latest story trailer. It looks as if things are coming together to deliver a unique 'stealthy' take on a Lord of the Rings title.

Ultimately, the proof will be in the pudding once we finally get a release date and can go hands-on with this LOTR adventure. Here's the latest on what to expect:

"Daedalic's Untold Story was revealed today in a trailer featuring Gollum's extraordinary adventure in search of his Precious.

The original story takes you to several regions of Middle-earth where you meet well-known characters from the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. You will need remarkable agility and guile to avoid the dangers en route.

Be part of Gollum's journey in 2023."

What do you think to this upcoming LOTR adventure? Let us know your thoughts on the new trailer.