The first reviews for the Resident Evil 4 remake have dropped today following a strange embargo time of 7AM GMT, and the good news is that reviewers are absolutely loving it so far... it'll easily be one of the best-rated games of 2023!

We're seeing many 10/10 scores here, including from us at Pure Xbox where we called it "a resounding success, taking the 2005 survival horror classic and revamping, reworking and retooling it into a most modern and thrilling action extravaganza". You can check out our review below:

Let's look at what some of the other critics are saying across the web:

IGN (10/10)

"Whether you're a fan of the original or a newcomer with a hankering for some action-heavy horror of the highest quality, Resident Evil 4 is like a parasite-riddled Spaniard: a total no-brainer."

GameSpot (10/10)

"Capcom has masterfully created a new version of a beloved game and continues to blaze a trail with its Resident Evil remakes."

Pure Xbox (10/10)

"It all looks and sounds incredible, performs perfectly and makes for a glorious return to the top for an all-time action great. Welcome back, stranger."

Push Square (10/10)

"Capcom has faithfully remade a genuine classic by bringing it into the modern age and kitting it out with new content, tremendous combat, and striking visuals."

Game Informer (9.5/10)

"The Resident Evil 4 remake is about everything I could've wanted. But importantly, it doesn't overwrite its predecessor. If anything, this new version reinforces why the original Resident Evil 4 is a game people should still seek out, play, or at least watch and learn about."

GamesRadar (9/10)

"The fact Resident Evil 4 Remake works so well, largely channeling exactly the same spirit as the original, only goes to show why it was a classic in the first place."

Digital Trends (9/10)

"It’s the past, present, and future of action-horror rolled up into an instant classic that stands side by side with its predecessor."

GamingBible (8/10)

"I can’t deny that I’m sore about some of the cut content, and the gameplay mechanics aren’t always smooth, but, overall, Resident Evil 4 is a brilliant action-horror game and I’ll no doubt play through it multiple times over the coming months."

DualShockers (7/10)

"I'm sure there will be some who prefer it for being more modern and moody, but does everyone need to run out and get this, day one? Only if you're the sort of Resident Evil devotee who picks up every single entry."

The vast, vast majority of reviews that are live today for Resident Evil 4's remake are extremely positive, with the game sitting on a 93 Metacritic rating for PS5 right now, and a 91 rating for Xbox Series X and S.

Don't forget that you can try the free "Chainsaw Demo" of Resident Evil 4 right now on Xbox if you want to, with the full game arriving in a week's time on Friday, March 24th. Not long to go now!

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