re4 demo xbox

Ahead of the game's March 24th launch, Capcom released a free demo late last week to serve up a taste of what's to come from Resident Evil 4's remake. It's safe to say we've enjoyed our couple of playthroughs of the short preview, and fans have discovered that it includes a hidden difficulty mode.

Yep, Resident Evil 4's demo contains the hidden 'Mad Chainsaw Mode' - a super high difficulty option for players who've exhausted everything the demo has to offer. The mode seems to appear at random when launching the demo, so it may take a couple of tries to get this thing to pop up.

As for tackling this higher-difficulty option if you manage to get the mode to appear - well, good luck. Chainsaw boi is tough enough as-is, never mind when they're as 'mad' as they are here!

What's interesting too is that this mode won't be available in the full game, as it's exclusive to the slice of RE4 that Capcom has crafted for the free demo. The other Resi 4 difficulty modes though? You'll be able to tackle them in full when the game launches later this month.

Have you managed to get this RE4 difficulty mode to pop? Let us know in the comments!