Lemnis Gate

The first-person shooter space is a competitive market and unfortunately not every game ends up being a success. With this in mind, it's been announced the time-loop game Lemnis Gate is shutting down.

As of 11th April 2023, the FPS will be removed from sale on all platforms including Xbox. Multiplayer servers will be taken offline on 11th July 2023, but until then players will be able to continue playing online. After this date, console players will still be able to access local multiplayer and training modes.

Lemnis Gate's claim to fame on Xbox was its launch on Game Pass in September 2021. The development team and publisher described it as a "revolutionary turn-based strategy FPS taking place in a time loop" where you had to "master the unique abilities of powerful deep-space operatives and compete in mind-bending four-dimensional battles".

Did you ever try out this game while it was on Game Pass? How are you feeling about its shutdown? Comment below.

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