Guess What? Xbox Owners Are 'Moving To New Zealand' Again For Hogwarts Legacy

It's finally almost time for Hogwarts Legacy to arrive on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with fantastic reviews being dished out across the board earlier today, and some Xbox players actually already have their hands on it early.

Why? Well, it's the return of that old "New Zealand" trick on Xbox again, which everyone knows about at this point and the team at Xbox doesn't seem overly bothered by. That said, you should only change region on your Xbox console at your own risk, as you never know if Microsoft is suddenly going to start frowning upon this "early access" tactic.

Lots of Xbox owners have been talking about "moving to New Zealand" over the past few days:

If you're wondering why moving to New Zealand means you can access Hogwarts Legacy early on Xbox, it's because the release times for Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy are (nearly) all 00:00am local time on February 7th, and we've already reached that point in New Zealand. The only way you can play right now is with the Deluxe Edition, as it allows players to get 72 hours' worth of early access ahead of the official launch on February 10th.

We'll be seeing plenty of New Zealand mentions again in a few days, as the release times for the standard launch of Hogwarts Legacy are also 00:00am local time on February 10th, making the New Zealand tactic valid once again.

If you'd rather just wait and avoid taking any unnecessary risks, we've got plenty of Hogwarts Legacy coverage you can catch up on here at Pure Xbox, including our "Excellent" 9/10 review for Xbox Series X.

Have you been taking advantage of this trick? Tell us down in the comments below.