Atomic Heart's February 2023 Xbox Game Pass arrival was a much-anticipated one, with Mundfish's bonkers sci-fi shooter fast becoming one of the month's biggest additions to the service. As it turns out, the game's file sizes are pretty huge as well, including a mysterious day one patch that the developer is yet to address.

An almost 70GB update seemingly dropped for the Xbox version of Atomic Heart late last night, Feb. 21st, while a similar 75GB update arrived for the PC version. Prior to this update the game was roughly 80GB on Xbox Series X, so the day one patch is essentially requiring a full re-download of the game - there or thereabouts!

As mentioned, the team is yet to detail what this update actually does to Atomic Heart. We are hearing that it has made alterations to some of the game's controls, but we can't confirm the full extent of the changes just yet.

The dev team does seem to be working away on another update to address some community concerns though. One area mentioned relates to increased Field of View (FOV) options for the game, while the team also says it will implement the option to increase the size of subtitles in a future patch.

If Mundfish releases the patch notes for this huge Atomic Heart Xbox Game Pass update, we'll let you know!

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