We obviously love a big, epic adventure here at Pure Xbox (here's hoping Starfield will satisfy our needs there), but there's also a growing number of us in the community who are beginning to appreciate the shorter games in the Xbox Game Pass library as our lives get busier and our potential playing time decreases significantly.

Fortunately, there are some absolutely fantastic titles on Xbox Game Pass that you can complete in just a few hours, and we don't want you to overlook them! Therefore, in the video above, we've handpicked seven games under seven hours that we think you should absolutely try if you're a fan of shorter games.

Before you dig in, here's a little message from Pure Xbox's video producer Craig!

"Hey gang! I thought I’d poke my head into the written land of Pure Xbox for a change. So, my brother-in-law is a massive gamer, right? It’s something we bonded over and it helped forge our relationship.

He’s very recently become a first-time dad and it got me thinking... now there’s a little baby on the scene, he’s rarely going to have time for the 60+ hour gaming adventures, but perhaps he might have an hour here or there for shorter games. Parents of the Pure Xbox community, how do you balance your gaming and parenting schedule? I’ll pass on the best bits of advice!"

In addition to the seven games in the video, there are plenty of others that could be added to the list including A Way Out, The Gunk, Inside, Titanfall 2's campaign, Prodeus, Unpacking and Ryse: Son of Rome, just to name a few!

If you're more interested in the fastest and easiest completions when it comes to Xbox achievements, we've already got a separate guide elsewhere on Pure Xbox for those titles, specifically aimed at getting you the full 1000 gamerscore as quickly as possible. The video above is targeted more at simply beating the campaign alone.

Do you have any games to recommend here that aren't mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.