Resident Evil 4 Remake Preview Details New Mechanics & Sidequest Content

We can officially say it - Resident Evil 4 Remake arrives on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next month! Naturally, then, we're going to start to hear more about the game as its launch date draws ever closer, and a new Game Informer feature details a fair amount of fresh info on Capcom's upcoming adventure.

The GI preview is restricted to a 12-page feature in the magazine, and the info is starting to proliferate across the web already. So, let's have a look at what Capcom has in store for us next month.

First up, as we've already reported on, the team is expanding Resident Evil 4 with this remake, and that includes new sidequests. The preview says that these will be found via blue flyers dotted around each RE4 area. The game's merchant will then provide players with some rewards for completing these sidequests, which consist of both new objectives and some that were present in the original. Lovely!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Preview Details New Mechanics & Sidequest Content 2

Elsewhere, the dev team is said to be keen on finding alternatives to the old game's Quick Time Event (QTE) segments, in favour of sprucing up the gameplay for modern audiences. One way this is being implemented is through the game's knife weapon, which can be used to parry enemies and as an alternative to tackling certain QTEs.

The last couple of RE remakes are also influencing some of the tweaks being made to Resident Evil 4 in 2023. Ammo can now be crafted using gunpowder drops scattered around levels, a mechanic present in Resident Evil 2 and 3, allowing users to continue to use their favoured weapons rather than struggling to find ammunition.

These sound like some pretty nice quality-of-life changes from Capcom here, and we're very much looking forward to seeing how they play out in the new remake. We don't have to wait long now - Resident Evil 4 Remake hits Xbox Series X and S on March 24th, 2023.

How do these changes sound to you? Happy with Capcom's new direction here? Let us know your thoughts!

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