Metro Exodus Follow-Up Reportedly 'Fully Playable' Ahead Of Reveal

It's been a good four years now since 4A Games unleashed Metro Exodus onto Xbox One, and it's starting to sound like the next game in the series isn't too far off. Insider Gaming is reporting that the next Metro title is in a "fully playable" state right now ahead of a potential reveal in the coming months.

4A Games has been talking about an Exodus follow-up for years at this point, but we've yet to see a proper announcement just yet. Even so, Insider Gaming sources say that the sequel is "well into development" whilst being fully playable from start to finish.

For now, this is just a report, and 4A Games is yet to fully reveal its upcoming title. Last month, the Ukrainian team posted a developer update that suggested it is making changes to the next Metro based on the ongoing war in Ukraine, so there's a fair chance things have been pushed back somewhat in recent months.

In any case, we're happy to wait very patiently to see 4A Games' next project. The team's Metro Exodus Xbox Series X|S upgrade remains one of the best looking games we've seen so far this generation, featuring full ray traced global illumination at 60FPS.

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