Bloober Team has become known for its short and sweet horror games over the last few years, which largely kicked off with the arrival of the first Layers of Fear in 2016. We've seen a sequel since, and now the team is creating "horror reimagined" by combining elements of the first two Layers of Fear titles into some sort of next-gen remake, arriving in June 2023.

The game was first revealed as 'Layers of Fears' last year, although the team has now seemingly dropped the title's plurality to go back to the same name the first game adopted - simply 'Layers of Fear'. Got that? We think we've just about wrapped our heads around it.

Either way, this pseudo remake is looking pretty good, with the new version being powered entirely by Unreal Engine 5. We happened to quite like the first couple of Layers of Fear games as well, so we're intrigued to see what Bloober does with its reimagining!

Anyway, that June release window comes from the above IGN Fan Fest trailer, with the team set to reveal the full date in the coming months. We'll drop our full Fan Fest event roundup down below.

Will you be trying this 'remake' out on Xbox Series X|S? Let us know in the comments!