xbox fallout new vegas

Since Xbox's acquisitions of both Obsidian and Bethesda — the two companies behind 2010's Fallout: New Vegas — fans' wishes for a modern remaster of the Xbox 360 RPG have been rife. Having said that, the notion of 'New Vegas Remastered' clearly isn't just a fan wish either.

In a new interview with outlet The Gamer, long time Obsidian developer Tim Cain talked all things Fallout, The Outer Worlds and the studio's upcoming plans. Tucked in here are a few snippets about the classic RPG, including Cain himself bringing up how a New Vegas remaster would be "awesome".

"Not that it's up to me, but wouldn’t a graphic remaster of Fallout: New Vegas be awesome?"

Unfortunately, no New Vegas-related plans seem to be locked in at the moment, but it's looking like something the series' creator would be interested in. Given that the team just announced a 'remaster' of its 2019 RPG The Outer Worlds, and as we previously mentioned Xbox owns both companies involved in the original, it seems a real possibility.

At least the original is still easy to access and enjoy, especially on Xbox where it's both backwards compatible and FPS Boosted to 60 frames per-second. That's definitely a good thing too - Obsidian is well aware that fans are still revisiting the 2010 RPG more than a decade after launch.

"People are able to go back to that game [New Vegas], because [of] those characters and the stories. That setting is just rich, and people want to be there."