Xbox Marketing Director Calls Gears Of War Leak 'Fake News'

Recently, we reported on some Gears of War rumours that had been floating around on the web; mainly an apparent 'Gears of War Collection' in the works at Microsoft.

Since then, a picture of two logos has been doing the rounds from a leak relating to both 'Gears 6' and this supposed collection - a leak that has now been shot down by an Xbox exec.

Outlet GameRant reported on the leak, again coming from the same source as the previous rumour, at XboxEra. We should be clear here that in this case, the folks at XboxEra had no idea whether the image was real or not.

Regardless, the info was shared on the XboxEra podcast and the rumour was therefore picked up, but it has now been shot down by Xbox marketing director Guy Welch:

As you can see, the Xbox exec is extremely to the point on claiming that these logos are fake. No messing around - straight up "fake news" according to the Xbox marketing director.

Of course, there's still a chance that both of these projects are in the works over at Xbox, Gears 6 seems likely for sure, and Nick at XboxEra seems confident on the Gears Collection, but these logos are clearly not the real deal.

Would you like to see a Gears Collection? Should The Coalition just focus on 'Gears 6'? Let us know your thoughts!