Xbox Adds A Brand-New Dynamic Background For Series X|S Owners
Image: Electronic Arts

We're used to scoring some free dynamic backgrounds for our Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but this one is just a little bit different. Instead of a first-party wallpaper, this time around there's a special third-party one based on EA's latest release, Dead Space.

To apply it, you'll need to head over to the Settings menu > Personalisation > My Background > Dynamic Backgrounds. Here's a look at it courtesy of The Verge editor Tom Warren:

If you're curious about the new Dead Space game, it's a remake based on Visceral Games' 2008 survival horror title. So far, the remake has been very positively received, with many reviewers praising the various improvements and additions. You can read more here:

Have you downloaded this new Xbox dynamic background yet? Comment below.