Saber Interactive's World War Z has been trucking along nicely since its original Xbox One launch in 2019, with the 'Aftermath' add-on following up in late 2021. Now, the dev team has announced a proper native current-gen port for Xbox Series X and S, and it's bringing along some lovely extras.

First up, the new version supports 4K, 60FPS playback on Xbox Series X, although the team hasn't detailed how the upgrade will perform on Microsoft's Xbox Series S console just yet - hopefully that info will arrive soon.

'Horde Mode XL' is the major new gameplay feature dropping alongside the technical upgrade, and it sounds good fun indeed. The twist on regular horde mode will add waves "bursting with over 1,000 hungry zombies", mixed in with the standard wave-based format. Assumedly this many zombies per wave is only possible on current-gen consoles - impressive!

WWZ horde

This current-gen upgrade — along with its brand new feature set — is tied to the Aftermath version of the game, so you'll need to own that to make use of the Xbox Series X|S upgrade, including Horde Mode XL.

However, a separate update will also launch on the same day for all World War Z owners, that "introduces mutators into the standard Horde Mode Z game mode, along with devastating and deadly new weapons and a revamped and improved weapon progression system."

All of this zombie-slaying goodness comes to Xbox on January 24th, 2023.

Will you be jumping back into World War Z to try this upgrade out? Let us know down below!