The team at Portkey games has opened the castle gates and welcomed a bunch of gaming outlets and content creators in, to take a look at its upcoming Harry Potter game: Hogwarts Legacy.

The result is a lot of early impressions of the upcoming open world action RPG, and we mean a lot. We've thrown the IGN 'Final Preview' video up above for you to take a look at, and if that's not enough, a handy NeoGAF thread nicely rounds up all of the video previews spotted so far.

We've taken a glimpse at a few of these, including IGN's preview, and this game is looking impressive... Siriusly impressive, one might say. The combat in particular looks really good fun, and the attention to detail shown from the developer here will surely please Potter fans.

If you'd rather have a gander at some early impressions in written form, the folks over at GamesRadar have put out a pretty in-depth written preview, and we've dropped the outlet's conclusion down below:

"Hogwarts Legacy is a genuine delight to explore, and I can't wait to be truly let loose to discover all of its secrets come February 10 [...] While there's still unanswered questions about the direction the narrative will take – with its teases of ancient magic and goblin rebellions – this has been a promising first look at an ambitious action-RPG. Honestly, only being allowed an hour of so with Hogwarts Legacy seems like an almost Unforgivable Curse-level offense."

Are you liking what you're seeing so far? Leave your thoughts down below.