We've just got past the first week of the year and it seems like something big is already brewing at Xbox's headquarters. In case you missed it, there's a report from Windows Central suggesting an Xbox event will be taking place later this month.

Now, to add to the excitement, Xbox's VP of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has shared a brief tweet - mentioning how he's "excited" for the days ahead and noting how it should be a fun week:

@aarongreenberg "This should be a fun week, excited for the days to progress!"

If this latest tweet is tied to the rumoured "Developer_Direct", then we should at least get a confirmation/date this week. A couple of other Xbox employees have also responded to Greenberg's tweet - including Xbox's Director of Integrated Marketing Josh Munsee (see above).

The original report claims this event will feature both Xbox and Bethesda games and will take place on 25th January. Some of the titles expected to be on display include Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends. You can learn more in our original story:

What do you think Greenberg might be teasing? If there is an event, what games would you like to see? Tell us below.