Xbox Partners With 'Calm', Free Trial Now Available As Game Pass Perk

The Xbox team has today published a pretty extensive blog on the Xbox Wire website dedicated to Mental Health Awareness, and this includes a brand-new partnership with "Calm" along with a free Xbox Game Pass Perk.

Calm is described as "the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation", and as of today, the Shores of Plenty from Sea of Thieves and Zeta Halo from Halo Infinite are officially incorporated into the Premium version of the app:

"Players can immerse themselves and enjoy the meditative sounds of whirling waves and chattering birds from the ocean expanse of Sea of Thieves and the ambient alien sounds of Zeta Halo from Halo Infinite both available through Calm Premium."

By navigating to the Xbox Game Pass Perks section of your console or PC, you can now claim three months of Calm Premium if you're an Ultimate subscriber, and then get 50% off your first year subscription after that.

"The partnership with Calm is part of Xbox’s ongoing commitment to supporting players’ mental health and connecting them with resources to support their well-being. According to Calm, 81% of people who use Calm 5 or more times per week reported an improvement in their stress levels, as did 68% of people who engaged with the app only once or twice per week."

You'll need to claim this Perk by March 7th, 2023, and keep in mind that it will automatically renew after those three months, so you'll need to make sure you cancel if you don't want to begin paying for it.

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