Disney Dreamlight Valley Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley arrived in preview form on Xbox back in September, with the paid early access version being included in Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost. Since then, the team has delivered some stellar updates, and now developer Gameloft has highlighted a community-voted feature arriving with update 3.

It seems fans really, really wanted more customisation options for houses, and the team is delivering just that! Coming with game's third update β€” which arrives in the new year β€” are a bunch more colour options for player homes. Here's a quick look at the new feature:

The developer is only calling this a "sneak peek" at present, so expect even more options when the update does arrive. For now we don't have a launch date for the game's third update, but we're expecting it to drop early next month.

DDV fans appear to be eagerly anticipating the changes anyway, especially when it comes to matching their player houses to the game's various backdrops.

Disney Dreamlight Valley will eventually move to a full free-to-play release sometime in 2023. For now, the early access version remains a part of the Xbox Game Pass library - a version we really enjoyed right from launch.

Are you looking forward to more DDV updates? Let us know down below!