Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that FIFA 23 is consistently dominating the "Top Paid Games" charts on Xbox, and that's especially the case right now as it's been discounted as part of the Xbox Countdown Sale 2022.

On the Xbox Store, you're looking at £29.99 / $29.99 for the Xbox One version and £34.99 / $34.99 for the Xbox Series X|S version of FIFA 23, but if you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can actually get a much bigger reduction.

Here's how you can save big on FIFA 23 with Xbox Game Pass this Christmas:

  • Download FIFA 22 for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate / EA Play
  • On the main menu, press in the right stick if/when you see the FIFA 23 promo
  • Press "A" to buy on the FIFA 23 promotion screen

We've tested this on Xbox Series X, and in the UK you're looking at £20.99 for the Xbox Series X|S version, which is almost £15 less than on the Xbox Store itself! The Xbox One version should also be around £17.99. However, we've also seen reports from some people that the promo isn't showing up for them for whatever reason, so we can't guarantee this method will work for you.

There's A Way To Save Big On FIFA 23 With Xbox Game Pass This Christmas 2 3

It seems like this is an intended discount (rather than an error) as EA has kept this promotion live for quite some time now — a similar reduction is available on PS5 as well. In fact, the game was actually slightly cheaper on Xbox earlier this month using this method, but we unfortunately didn't spot that in time.

Oh, and better yet, you also get 500 free FIFA Points if you buy FIFA 23 this way!

Have you bought FIFA 23 with this Xbox Game Pass Ultimate method? Tell us down in the comments.