Microsoft 'Held Meetings' With Sony Last Week To Discuss Activision Blizzard Deal, Claims Report

The latest update in the ongoing Activision Blizzard saga has arrived this week courtesy of Seeking Alpha, with the outlet reporting that Microsoft and Sony "held meetings" to discuss the acquisition this past weekend.

The report mentions that Microsoft is "working to give assurances to Sony that it will allow Activision's games to be played on the PlayStation console", and this aligns with Microsoft's recent claim that it has offered Sony a 10-year commitment to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, although Sony has yet to respond to this publicly.

In addition, the report gives us an update on the status of the Federal Trade Commission in the US, with a suggestion recently that the FTC was "likely" to file a lawsuit against the deal. According to Seeking Alpha, a decision is expected to be made in January, although a "staff recommendation" by the FTC on the deal is expected by mid-December.

Supposedly, there's a "closed-door Commission meeting" taking place at the agency next Thursday, and some traders have speculated that it could be related to Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

There's clearly still a long way to go with this acquisition, especially considering the FTC, CMA and European Commission all remain concerns for Microsoft going forward, but here's hoping we'll be able to get a resolution in the first half of next year. From an Xbox perspective, we definitely want to see those ActiBlizz titles on Game Pass!

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