We've been digging into Need For Speed Unbound over the past few days - in fact, we should have some of our own impressions to share on the game fairly shortly! Our time so far has been spent playing on Xbox Series X, where the game hits 4K / 60FPS for some sweet, smooth racing. However, it looks like Unbound is pretty impressive on Xbox Series S as well, judging by this early test!

The team at EA had already confirmed the tech details for Need for Speed Unbound across all systems, but seeing the game in action is even more impressive. The game hits a solid 1296p and 60FPS on Xbox Series S - with the game shown off in motion in the video above.

This is the first time the series has hit 60FPS on console in years, outside of remasters, and we're happy to see that frame rate target extend to Series S as well. The Xbox Tester seems happy about it too, complimenting the game on being "pretty amazing" and saying it "looks gorgeous" running on Xbox Series S.

Need for Speed Unbound marks developer Criterion's first proper NFS title in a decade, with the team previously leading development on Need For Speed: Most Wanted way back in 2012. It's safe to say the developer has some racing credentials elsewhere though, having crafted the Burnout series over many years on Xbox.

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