One of the new additions to Xbox Game Pass on December 8th is Chained Echoes, and although we haven't seen too many reviews for this one just yet, the handful of scores that it's received have been extremely high so far.

We unfortunately haven't been able to get access to the Xbox version of Chained Echoes until today - it seems most of the following reviews are based on PC code, but we can't imagine the console version differs too heavily.

So, let's see what some reviewers are saying about Chained Echoes:

God Is A Geek (10/10)

"Chained Echoes is simply the best RPG I’ve played in a very very long time. It has a story that manages to feel both grounded and fantastical, combat that constantly evolves and never feels sluggish, and environments that beg to be explored."

Noisy Pixel (9.5/10)

"Chained Echoes is a wildly ambitious and impressive turn-based RPG that, aside from minor faults, sticks the landing on all fronts. From its terrific and constantly thought-provoking battle system with well-implemented challenge, to its strongly written cast and masterclass worldbuilding, this is an essential must-play for any fan of the genre that I sincerely hope doesn’t pass anyone’s radar."

The Outer Haven (4.5/5)

"Chained Echoes is a 16-bit-era JRPG that lends itself well to the genre. A definite pickup if you are wanting to do a run of more SNES-era games but still have some quality-of-life adjustments of the modern era."

Gaming Nexus (9/10)

"Simply put, Chained Echoes is a heartfelt love letter to the SNES JRPG classics from the 90s that boasts an incredible cast of characters, amazing pixel artwork, a brilliant soundtrack, impeccable attention to detail, and a complex narrative."

Tech Raptor (8.5/10)

"Chained Echoes manages to forge its own identity despite its SNES-era inspirations, and deserves to be given a chance by any JRPG fan."

An incredible start for Chained Echoes, then! The game doesn't yet have an average review score on Metacritic, but over on OpenCritic it currently boasts an extremely impressive 91% ("Mighty") rating based on 5 reviews.

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