Xbox's Matt Booty 'Encouraged' By Internal Showings Of Fable Reboot

Fable is coming back to Xbox in the near future, this time with Forza Horizon developer Playground Games at the helm. Due to the team's development history, questions have often been asked by fans about whether the dev can make a successful transition from racing game to RPG.

Well, in a new interview with Skill Up, Xbox's Matt Booty has tackled the query head-on, playing down any concerns that fans may potentially have.

"They had a particular passion for the IP [Fable] and I think they also demonstrated that they understand what the heart and soul of Fable is about, and how they can bring it forward for today's sensibilities and just make a modern take on Fable. There's stuff that I wish I could share and show, because some of the things that I've seen are so encouraging."

Just a few days ago, we learnt that Deus Ex and Tomb Raider dev Eidos Montreal was reportedly assisting on Fable's development. For now, this hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft, but could this be the kind of experience Playground needs to help elevate Fable to an even higher level? We'll have to wait for gameplay to find out.

Whether Eidos is helping or not, it's good to hear that the team at Xbox is encouraged, at least internally, by what Playground is doing with the Fable reboot. Let's hope we get to see the game in action soon!

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