SEGA Responds As Sonic Frontiers Suffers Performance Issue On Xbox Series S

Update: SEGA has now fixed this issue and Performance mode is finally an option on Xbox Series S!

Original story: Sonic Frontiers is finally out now on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (along with a bunch of other platforms), and it's been getting some fairly good reviews so far - although the Series S version has suffered quite a few complaints.

Basically, a lot of Series S owners have been discovering that Sonic Frontiers appears locked to 30FPS on the console, which seems strange considering Sonic Frontiers is designed to be focused around fast and smooth gameplay.

Here's what one owner had to say about the problem on Reddit earlier this week:

Following multiple reports of this, TheGamer reached out to SEGA for a response, and was provided with a workaround which involves going into the main settings of your Xbox and changing the display to 1080p rather than 4K.

Apparently, doing this should allow Sonic Frontiers to run at 60FPS, although obviously it's not an ideal solution in the long-term, and hopefully SEGA will patch the game to run at 60 frames regardless of your console's display settings. (Update: according to various reports, this workaround doesn't appear to fix the issue unfortunately).

In another separate message this week, Sonic Social Media Manager Katie Chrzanowski confirmed that the development team was still looking into the problem:

"We are looking into [the Xbox Series S performance mode], the team is trying to look into that, we have seen a few people asking about that. So, once I know more, I will let you all know."

Have you run into this issue with Sonic Frontiers on Xbox Series S? Tell us down in the comments below.

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