Saints Row's November Update Is 'A Beast', Contains Over 200 Fixes

Volition's Saints Row reboot launched back in August, and it's safe to say it wasn't in the best shape on release. Thankfully, the developer seems to be hard at work fixing things up, with over 200 changes set to arrive with the game's November 2022 patch.

For now, the update is going through certification on all platforms; once that process is finished and the team has a release date, the full patch notes will be revealed!

Ahead of those full patch notes, the dev has already offered a glimpse at what to expect via a new blog post. Co-op is being reworked to provide a smoother experience all round, 'Challenges' and 'Collectibles' should track properly after the patch, and a whole host of quality-of-life features are being worked on by the team.

Here are a few things that are being addressed specifically:

Co-op - "Co-op has been a huge priority for us. Significant effort has gone into ensuring that this is working as intended – including connectivity, mini map issues and proper credit of player rewards. Fun with a friend in Santo Ileso should be a much smoother experience going forward!"

Challenges & Collectibles - "Another hot issue in the community has been challenges and collectibles – these should now track properly, and will be awarded to you retroactively if you have already completed the requirement, so make sure you update your game to get that all important 100%!"

Quality of Life & New Features - "Combat encounters that are better balanced, more fun and more rewarding in terms of progression / more Saints roaming completed districts, as well as introducing new district tiers / loads of new ways to manage your incredible fleet of vehicles / you should see more pedestrians and police collectibles should be easier to find, and you’ll be able to escape notoriety levels more easily."

Hopefully this update will provide a better Saints Row experience for fans who may have been put off by the game's reception at launch. For us, it still needs work to become something we could properly recommend picking up.

Will you be giving Saints Row another go after this patch? Let us know in the comments!