The much-anticipated Wild West romp Evil West launches today on Xbox, November 22nd, and a bunch of reviews have already hit the web. While Evil West's review scores don't often hit the very high marks, its reception has been mostly positive so far - even if many critics find the game somewhat dated.

Is Evil West Coming To Xbox Game Pass?

For anyone wondering, Evil West is not coming to Xbox Game Pass at launch. There's been a bit of confusion about this over the past few days, but we can confirm that it has not been announced for Xbox Game Pass in November 2022.

Here's what some reviewers have been saying about Evil West:

COGConnected (8.5/10)

"Evil West is the third in an unrelated trilogy of games that weave together the old West with supernatural elements. The West has recently been Hard, Weird and now, Evil. To me, this is the best of the bunch. It’s definitely the most fun. It combines an old-school shooter’s lack of fussy complexity with plenty of depth and engaging, fluid, frenetic combat. Add in a well-acted narrative and some iconic environments, and you’re in for a great time slaying vampires and taking names."

Wccftech (8.2/10)

"With a flow of combat that rivals that of the Doom Slayer, Evil West hits its mark when taking on vampires, werewolves, and everything in between, despite finding the rest of the experience a bit lacking."

TheSixthAxis (8/10)

"Evil West is an old-school banger, a reminder of the quick and sharp fun that action games can deliver. It has some flaws here and there, but the meat of the game is fast-paced and endlessly entertaining combat. Smacking vampires into clouds of red mist with a giant lightning gauntlet is something that every video game needs."

Push Square (7/10)

"Evil West is one of those really enjoyable 7/10s. It's never going to win any awards and it's probably not going to stick long in the memory, but give it a few years and someone, somewhere, will swear to you that it's actually an underappreciated classic. It's a chunky action game that knows how to have fun, both in and out of combat."

IGN (7/10)

"Evil West is far from the most complex or innovative action game around, but it nails the most important parts of its old-school, monster-killing campaign."

PC Gamer (6.8/10)

"Apart from such minor niggles, though, for much of the game, Evil West's combat remains a robust, gory delight, at times close to brilliant. It's only in the final third that it begins to fade, as the vampires run out of new creatures to throw at you, and instead rehash combinations of familiar ugly faces ad nauseum. As the final showdown approaches, then, you may wish you could 'get on with it' even faster."

Pure Xbox (6/10)

"Evil West is a thoroughly old-fashioned shooter that manages to entertain in short bursts but can't overcome how lacklustre and unoriginal its level design and narrative feels. If you've got a pal to play through this one with in co-op you could probably stick another star on the final score, otherwise we'd steer clear unless you absolutely must indulge in some seriously last-gen cowboy vs. vampire action."

VG24/7 (6/10)

"However you feel about Evil West, the $50/$60 asking price is too steep for what’s on offer: the nature of its level design, limited enemy variety, and forgettable story will get in the way of your enjoyment, even if you’re only there for the combat. As engaging as it is, that action just doesn’t make up for Evil West’s shortcomings elsewhere."

Evil West is sitting at 73 on Metacritic (for Xbox Series X and PC) at the time of writing, which is a pretty respectable average score to be fair! The game is now available on the Xbox Store for £49.99 / $59.99.

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