Marvel's Midnight Suns is an upcoming AAA title that helps form a pretty busy December for new releases on Xbox. It launches the very same day as Need for Speed Unbound and The Callisto Protocol on December 2nd, and ahead of that date, critics have been going hands on with Firaxis Games' upcoming Marvel adventure on PC specifically.

Here's what those critics are saying about Marvel's Midnight Suns so far:

VGC (5/5)

"Marvel’s Midnight Suns combines addictive, deep strategy gameplay with a cast of characters that make the moments outside of the action just as rich and enjoyable as those in it. A lengthy campaign packed with missions to go on and relationships to form with Earth's Mightiest Heroes make Marvel's Midnights Suns a modern strategy classic and one of 2022's biggest surprises."

PCGamesN (9/10)

"A superhero game that teases the brain as much as it can tug at the heart, with rich strategy mechanics, great writing, and wonderful characters. A few bugs and visual problems aside, this is a great tactical RPG."

TheGamer (9/10)

"While it's undeniably a quirky mash-up of cards, tactics, and dating sims, Midnight Suns is a focused, well-structured, and fully realized experience. It doesn’t try to please everyone, but if you’re willing to go along for the ride, you’ll find a tactics game that shakes the foundation of the entire genre, along with one of the most compelling Marvel stories ever told."

IGN (8/10)

"Marvel's Midnight Suns is an expansive tactical RPG that makes great use of card game mechanics to inject variety and unpredictability into its excellent combat."

VG24/7 (4/5)

"Midnight Suns is honestly a brilliant bloody time: an extremely fun tactical RPG nestled amongst an adorably wholesome relationship simulator. A superhero game which understands that the appeal of comics is often much less about punching Venom than it is about seeing a bunch of daft looking folk cutting about in a big house, being nice to each other, bickering about leaving towels on the floor. Real stuff. Relatable stuff. The stuff of life."

GameSpot (8/10)

"Marvel's Midnight Suns delivers strong tactical combat scenarios in a fun superhero romp where it's worth putting stock in the power of friendship."

Impulse Gamer (3.5/5)

"I think it’s tactics are fun and solid, but they take a backseat to the RPG and relationship elements. Your enjoyment of those elements rely far too heavily of your investment on the Marvel formula, and for me there just isn’t enough of a meaningful pull to go through these laborious conversations for hours on end to have just a side of tactics."

Well, this one has surprised us! It's safe to say early reviewers have been enjoying this Marvel title quite a bit, with it currently sitting at a very strong 84 on Metacritic at the time of writing. Keep in mind that all of these reviews are based on the PC version alone, with no reviews for Xbox or PlayStation as of yet.

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