Ghost Song arrives on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, November 3rd, and its review embargo was recently lifted ahead of launch. This Metroidvania is flying under the radar a little bit right now, and we thought the game was definitely worth highlighting, especially considering its fantastic reception so far!

So, here are some pre-release opinions of Ghost Song before its arrival on Xbox Game Pass this week:

GameGrin (10/10)

"Ghost Song is the perfect mix of Metroid and Hollow Knight, creating a gorgeous-looking game full of exploration, a great story, and a creepy atmosphere. If you like Metroidvania-style games, make sure you check out this title!"

God is a Geek (9.5/10)

"Ghost Song is a masterfully crafted game, which combines all the best elements of Metroid and Souls games to create an experience that simply must be played."

PCInvasion (8.5/10)

"This is a captivating Metroid-like that offers some wonderful exploration and some very satisfying upgrades. Anyone looking for their next Metroid-like fix will likely be quite satisfied with what Ghost Song offers."

COGConnected (8.2/10)

"Ghost Song doesn’t try to reinvent the Metroidvania genre, but neither does it clutter it up with extra mechanics for the sake of complexity. It’s approachable but challenging. What it lacks in originality is made up for by attractive art, good level design and overall, addictive fun."

ScreenRant (4/5)

"Overall, Ghost Song is a very enjoyable addition to the Metroidvania subgenre. It maybe lacks a little bit of originality to help it stand out from its contemporaries in a rather crowded market, but the game does provide a very enjoyable experience."

Those scores seem like a ringing endorsement then, at least judging by the game's early scores! Ghost Song currently sits at 88 on Metacritic (for PC) at the time of writing, although there are only a handful of reviews on there so far.

Will you be giving this one a go? Do let us know down below!