PSA: If You Use Steam, You Can Download A Great Xbox Game Pass Extension

We're not sure how we've never come across this in recent years, but if you're a Steam and Xbox Game Pass subscriber, there's a great extension (in fact, a few great extensions) that can help you avoid any wasted purchases.

The extension we're talking about specifically is known as "alike03's Subscription Info on Steam", which you can download for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, and we've been really impressed with it so far.

Here's what the developer has to say about it:

"Have you ever had the situation where you bought a game, only to later find out that it's already on a subscription package that you're subscribed to? It happened to me. So I thought, "what if I could see that information directly on Steam?"

This addon checks the game through the database I have created and displays if the game is currently on Xbox Game Pass PC & Console, on Ubisoft+, on EA Play or on EA Play Pro."

Basically, once you've installed this extension, you'll be able to access the Steam Store on your browser of choice and see all sorts of Xbox Game Pass related details, including games coming to Xbox Game Pass later in November 2022. That said, it doesn't always get info on upcoming titles exactly right, especially when it comes to games leaving soon.

Nevertheless, we're definitely fans of this extension on the whole, but obviously you should always install browser extensions at your own risk. This one in particular has been around for a couple of years and received regular updates throughout 2020 and 2021 with excellent reviews across the board, and according to its Google Chrome page, the publisher has "disclosed that it will not collect or use your data" when you choose to install it.

Below, you'll find more images of the extension in action. If you're looking for an alternative, there's also one called "Included with Xbox Game Pass" that has some great reviews on Google Chrome, along with a brand-new offering from Twitter user Lukekix called "Available on Game Pass". Plenty of options out there!

PSA: If You Use Steam, You Can Download A Great Xbox Game Pass Extension 2
PSA: If You Use Steam, You Can Download A Great Xbox Game Pass Extension 3

Have you found any other great Xbox Game Pass extensions? Tell us down in the comments below.